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    SROI and Social Value Training Dates Announced

    SROI Accreditation Training June 4-5, 2019 in Calgary. The course is a requirement for all individuals seeking accreditation by the Social Value International Network.


    For more information, click here.

    A social innovation and social finance strategy for Canada

    "Innovate for Impact: As a diverse nation of innovators, Canadians should be optimistic about the future. That said, we still face some serious challenges. If we want better social, economic and environmental outcomes, the government needs to ‘do different,’ by rethinking the way social purpose organizations are supported. We need investment in social innovation and social finance." Learn more https://sisfs.ca/

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    The Social and Human Capital Coalition

    This month, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development launched the new Social and Human Capital Coalition.


    The initiative aims to achieve the vision of consistently measuring social and human capital, and encouraging social and human capital to be valued in corporate, investor, government and organizational decision-making.


    For more information, please visit: http://www.social-capital.org/

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    Social Value Canada board member, Jean-Michel Couture, talks social impact measurement and SROI

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    New guide for social entrepreneurs on maximizing impact.

    Social Value UK created a great new resource for social entrepreneurs on how to maximise impact.

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    Social impact measurement for Ontario social enterprises: moving toward a common approach

    The proposed Social Impact Measurement Standard is organized around a common 5-step process and connections to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To get there, the action plan recommends that Ontario first focus on building the organizations and governance structures that are needed to co-create a standard.  With the infrastructure in place, the standard can emerge from the social enterprise community in an on-going process of creation and revision. 
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    Impact Analysts and why we need them

    The Next Frontier in Social Impact Measurement Isn’t Measurement at All: Why we need skilled analysts to improve social capital markets.
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    Certificate in Social Impact Analysis!  March 14, 2015.

    Schulich School of Business is offering a Certificate in Social Impact Analysis, taught by SIAA member Kate Ruff on March 14th.

    Participate in this one-day course following the principles for effective social impact analysis that have been drafted by the Social Impact Analysts Association Skills and Competencies Working Group and learn the fundamentals of Social Impact Analysis. All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate from The Schulich School of Business.

    This unique opportunity will…

    • Equip managers with the foundation necessary to understand and interpret social impact data and analysis in both for-profit and not-for-profit settings
    • Emphasize theoretical concepts that underpin social impact measurement and reporting
    • Introduce the leading qualitative and quantitative approaches to social impact measurement and reporting
    • Provide enduring knowledge that can be used to critically evaluate proposals and reports, even as the methods themselves evolve
    Click here for more information and registration.
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    SIAA Challenge report released February 2015

    SIAA Canada created the SIAA Challenge as a learning and professional development opportunity for Social Impact Analysts. It is a case competition-style event, designed to deepen our global conversation about methods and approaches to social impact measurement and reporting; to showcase great work, and to critically reflect on differences within professional practice.


    The 2014 Challenge was an experiment in crafting a narrative from a sea of qualitative and quantitative data. Competitors were given the same real data from the same real charity and asked to create a comprehensive, concise and compelling assessment of a charity’s impact. Our aim was to understand how social impact analysts use data to effectively inform stakeholders about the charity’s performance. Read the report.
    Watch this space for details about the  SIAA Challenge 2015!
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    SIAA Canada hosted SIAA's international conference in November 2014.

    The Social Impact Analysts Association‘s (SIAA) 2014 Annual Conference, Talking Data: Measurement with a message, was held in Toronto on November 3rd – 4th in partnership with Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada.


    Why are we Talking Data?

    Collecting data is not enough. Data will not speak for itself. There is always work to be done to ensure that measurements deliver the right message. Whether we are writing social impact reports for our funders, communicating to internal decision makers or telling stories to inspire our stakeholders, how we present the data has a huge effect on how it is interpreted and then used. This is why at SIAA’s annual conference this year we will be talking about data and how we make it speak. See the program here >>

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    SIAA Canada launched in November 2013

    SIAA is an international professional body for social impact analysts. SIAA supports and represents its members worldwide.Canadians were among SIAA's founding members. The Canada country group was founded in 2013. We represent Canadian members of SIAA. To join, go to: http://www.siaassociation.org/membership/apply/ or click on the SIAA logo.

  • Social Value Principles

    Social Value Canada is member-led. Our members share a common goal: to change the way society accounts for value.

    Join the conversation about social impact and help create a world where social value figures in all major decisions.

  • SROI Accreditation Training

    May 30-31, 2018 in Calgary and June 13-14, 2018 in Toronto, join Social Value Canada for SROI Accreditation training. The course is a requirement for all individuals seeking accreditation by the SROI International Network.

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    What is SROI Accreditation training?

    Over two days, this course offers a step-by-step introduction to the SROI process. Day is focussed on impact map development, drawing upon real life applications and examples brought forward by participants. The training offers many opportunities to explore methodological issues in order to prepare practitioners for accreditation.


    Interest in how to value social impact is increasing in every sector. Program planners, front line staff, communicators and senior leaders all have a need for knowledge of how social value is created and can be maximized. This course is essential for anyone seeking to acquire and apply that knowledge.


    Are you an evaluator interested in adding SROI to your toolbox? A senior leader charting an organizational course? A program manager, planner or communicator focussed on effectiveness? Join us for SROI Accreditation training.


    To register for either Calgary or Toronto, or for further information, please contact: Mary Kazyas at (403) 444-5683 ext. 0 or mary@simpactsg.com.

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    About Social Return on Investment (SROI)

    Social Return on Investment or SROI, is a system of accounting for all of the social and environmental value of your activities. Applying SROI to your work can have a range of benefits - from demonstrating impact in a clear and transparent way, to improving service delivery, winning contracts and tenders, to being accountable to stakeholders. SROI helps maximize the potential of an organization's value.

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  • Training

    Social Value Canada promotes a wide variety of training and events of interest to our growing network. Keep up to date! Please get in touch if you have a course or event our network should know more about.

    Spring 2019 SROI and Social Value Training Announced!

    SiMPACT Strategy Group is organizing SROI Accreditation courses in Calgary, June 4-5, 2019


    For more information about SiMPACT Strategy Group, training objectives and to register, please contact Mary.